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Why are worn brakes dangerous?

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Every time your car squeals while you bring it to a halt, you find random eyeballs shooting nasty looks at you. What’s more than your embarrassment is your safety: worn-out brakes are dangerous. As a responsible car owner, you would count on experts for timely brake maintenance service. Defective components in your brakes can significantly minimize the vehicle’s braking power, making it susceptible to accidents. With frequent skidding and increased stopping distances, you find all the tell-tell signs of a brake replacement. Well, with advancements in technology, you have few chances of a brake failure. However, would you risk your chances knowing that you have a malfunctioning brake sitting over the wheels?

Have a look at the potential dangers of driving with worn-out car brakes.

What makes timely brake replacement indispensable?

  1. Damaged calipers and brake rotors

The brakes of your car form a closely connected mechanism involving moving parts. Damage to one of these parts can quickly trickle down and affect the others. When the brake pads undergo excessive wear and tear, the brake motors may suffer a damage. When you apply the car brakes, the rotor gets squeezed by the brake pads to bring the car to a halt. However, with excessively worn pads, the metal gets exposed. The rotors undergo friction with the metal each time you brake.

This explains why you hear that grinding noise. You actually hear your rotors getting damaged!

  1. Risk of accidents

For drivers, stopping a car turns out to be nightmarish with worn-out brakes. You know how difficult it is to stop your vehicle quickly with worn-out brakes. The response time, in this case, would be much higher. Timely brake replacement, therefore, can help you keep accidents at bay. Besides damaged brakes indicate that drivers need to put more effort down the pedal to stop the car. With more occurrences of slipping, drifting, or ununiform grip on either side, you are exposed to accidents.

  1. Vibration during braking

The last thing you would compromise is your comfort during the rides. With a perfectly functional brake system, your car would come to a smooth halt. However, with the pads worn out excessively, or damaged rotors, you can feel the vibrations shooting through your car. It’s only when you take your foot off the brake pedal that the steering wheel stops vibrating. In case you are experiencing this type of discomfiture, you know it’s time to seek brake maintenance service from a trusted mechanic.

  1. Damaged tires

This might be a bit tough to believe, but worn-out brakes can damage your tires. Left untreated, your tires would also wear down fast. The reason is, while driving with damaged brake pads, calipers, or rotors, drivers tend to slam the brake pedal more frequently while slowing down. All these struggles eventually lead to unbalanced tires, or wears them off.

Well, when you care for your brakes, tire care comes as a bonus.

Professional brake maintenance service can save your day

Now, you know why car owners hire seasoned mechanics to work on their brake systems. Timely care can save you from expensive repairs in the long run. When you look out for a mechanic in your city for brake maintenance service, make sure to check out their track record and packages. Fair pricing would, of course, suit your pockets.

Although you don’t get to see your brakes all the time, you can definitely try and hear them screech. Once they send you the signal, you know it’s time for a check-up. Reach out to one of the trusted car repair centers specializing in braking systems in your city.

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