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Ferrari 599 GTO: Vehicle Dynamics featuring

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The options the 599 GTO has inherited in the 599 XX further boost the new GTO’s sporty personality. When compared to Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, the controls position continues to be reduced by 15 % and also the response by 20 % for any sharper turn-in. The chassis setup (springs, shocks, anti-roll bar, and tires) and also the vehicle control systems were developed and designed in parallel using the 599 XX in the very earliest project phase, allowing the 599 GTO to take advantage of the same innovative methodology employed for the 599 XX and F1 cars. The 599 GTO features the most recent form of the Ferrari F1 gear box with 60 nanosecond shift occasions, making gear changes extra alert and also the car much more thrilling they are driving. The 599 GTO features 285/30 Michelin front tires on the 9.5″ funnel and 315/35 Michelin rear tires. The tires setup guarantees greater lateral acceleration, more stability in cornering and therefore faster cornering throughout. Rigidity-roll distribution is biased for the rear to reduce under-steer.

Within the Ferrari 599 GTO, engineers integrated the introduction of SCM2 (Second generation Magnetorheological Suspension Control), ESP (Electronic Stability Control) and F1-Trac (Traction Control) systems. The SCM2 is really a suspension control system that utilizes a fluid which reacts for an digitally controlled field generated within the damper to alter its viscosity. Because of latest accelerometers along with a diverse ECU, the control software adjusts the concentration of the magnetic field every nanosecond, giving the SCM2 the chance to see the street surface immediately. The Soundness Control System operates individually on all breaks if the F1-Trac estimates grip from the broader selection of frequencies. The general effect is really a sharper turn-in into bends along with a better line with the corner, as the SCM2 optimally and incredibly quickly distribute damping between front and back axles if the ESP functions individually in the four wheels to improve and in check the yaw rate. Once the vehicle is originating from a bend, the SCM2 continues monitoring the car’s balance and works together with the F1-Trac to maximise longitudinal and lateral acceleration, thus allowing the motive force to accelerate harder and earlier.

The load reduction efforts delivered using the 599 GTO play an essential component in delivering benchmark performance and superlative driver experience. High end composite and track-oriented technologies happen to be used to offer the result, for example thinner gauge aluminum, glass, use of CCM2 brakes, forged aluminum wheels rims, hollow roll bars, titanium wheels bolts and carbon ceramic fiber racing seat.

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